How to make Health Funds and Massage Therapy work for you


Health Funds and Massage Therapy

So how do Health Funds and Massage Therapy go together ?

Have you ever wondered whether you are entitled to claim on Massage Therapy with your health fund ?  What is the difference between Remedial Massage and Massage Therapy ?  To answer this, you can read more information further down this page.  Basically, there are two ways you can claim on massage treatment with your health fund.  That is, HICAPS instant claiming or taking a receipt into your local health fund branch.


What is HICAPS and How does it Work ?

HICAPS is a processing terminal we provide, which allows clients to use their participating health insurance card in order to pay the gap only, which is the price of the treatment minus the amount that the health fund will reimburse.  (This facility is only available at our clinic and anyone wishing to claim on mobile Remedial Massage will be issued a receipt to take to their health fund.)  Here is a list of participating HICAPS health funds.

Download the PDF file .


Our top tips on Health Funds and Massage Therapy

In order to successfully claim on your massage with a health fund you should know that not all health funds allow you to claim on Massage Therapy (otherwise known as Relaxation massage).   For example, HICAPS health funds will accept claims on Remedial Massage only. Other funds may accept styles of massage that come under the heading of Relaxation Massage or Massage Therapy and will require a receipt with the therapist’s provider number for that fund.

So is Relaxation Massage the same as Massage Therapy ?

In the health fund and Massage Therapy world, basically any style of massage apart from Remedial Massage is considered to be Relaxation Massage or Massage Therapy, including Sports/Deep Tissue Massage.  Lymphatic Drainage Massage may be an exception, so check with your therapist is they can cover you for that.  The easiest way to determine what you’re covered for is to speak with your health fund.  Here is a list of health funds  which allow claims on Massage Therapy (Relaxation massage) that we can issue receipts for:


Download the PDF file .


How do I check which kind of Massage Therapy my Health Fund covers me for ?

Whilst we facilitate claims for both Massage Therapy and Remedial Massage, your policy is what determines whether you can claim or not.   In fact, it’s best to speak with your health fund about claimability.  In the case that you are covered for massage, they will also be able to tell you how many massages per year and what percentage of the price you can claim.  Here is a list of HICAPS health funds which offer a quotation function, meaning we can use our HICAPS machine to determine the amount you can claim on our services.

Please note:

As we need to swipe your health fund card as part of this process, we can’t give quotes over the phone.  It’s quicker and easier to speak with your health fund about the amount that you can claim.


When in Doubt, ask for a Receipt

If you’re unsure about claimability and haven’t yet checked with your health fund, please let us know prior to your
appointment that you’d like a receipt. That way, we can have the correct paperwork ready for you to fill out before
your massage.

What if I Forget to Bring my Health Fund Card but Still Want to Claim ?

No problem !  We’ll email a receipt to you with all the information required.  Alternatively, we can pop it in the mail for you.

We hope you found this information helpful and look forward to seeing you on the massage table soon.  🙂

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