Pregnancy massage check-list:


Here are Some Tips on Getting the most out of Your Pregnancy Massage

It’s Important to Tell Your Therapist how You’re Feeling

With pregnancy massage, you might start off feeling really comfortable in a certain position and then start to notice that something doesn’t feel quite right.  This is natural sometimes and could well be an indication that your “occupant” has changed position.  So it makes sense that you too may wish to change position in order to work in with baby.  After all, unborn babies deserve to be comfy so that they can enjoy the massage as well !  With pregnancy massage, the goal is to keep mum and baby really comfortable, and a change of position can sometimes ensure that you and baby get the most out of your massage.

When is the Right Time to get a Pregnancy Massage ?

As a general rule, it’s not recommended to have pregnancy massage during the first trimester, as women are at a higher risk of miscarriage during this time.  From the beginning of the second trimester however, if you’re feeling fine and not experiencing any of the complications listed below, pregnancy massage can be highly beneficial for both mother and baby right up until birth.

When Should I avoid getting Pregnancy Massage ?

If you have a history of difficult pregnancy, miscarriage or any of the complications associated with pregnancy listed below (past or current), ensure you have medical clearance prior to your pregnancy massage:

– swelling or pitted edema in hands, feet or face                         
– high blood pressure or hypertension
– epigastric pain similar to heart-burn
– visual disturbances
– unrelenting headaches
– leaking amniotic fluid
– bladder infection
– uterine bleeding
– blood clot or phlebitis
– abdominal cramping
– miscarriage
– problems with placenta
– pre-term labour
– preeclampsia (toxemia)
– twins or more

When Making your Booking

So we can prepare properly, please tell us how many weeks pregnant you are, what trimester you are in and any  other information you would like us to know.  An intake form will need to be filled out prior to your massage.

For free advice over the phone regarding pregnancy, birth and babies, 7 days a week call Health Direct on: 1800 882 436.  

For more resources on pregnancy, child birth and babies you can go to the Australian Government’s Health Direct website.