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Making Health Insurance and Massage Therapy Work for You

So how do Health Funds and Massage Therapy go together ?

Have you ever wondered whether you are entitled to claim on Massage Therapy with your health fund ? What is the difference between Remedial Massage and Massage Therapy ? Let's delve deeper into these questions to gain some industry insights on the topic of massage and private health. Basically, there are two ways you can claim on massage treatment with your health fund. That is, HICAPS instant claiming or taking a receipt into your local health fund branch.

Defining Remedial Massage 

Aimed at reducing pain and increasing range of motion, Remedial Massage involves assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions by a qualified therapist.  Our lymphatic treatments are also claimable under remedial massage.  In order to provide HICAPS a therapist must be formally qualified in Remedial Massage and be registered with HICAPS.     

What is HICAPS and How does it Work ?

HICAPS is a processing terminal we provide to Remedial Massage clients (including lymphatic), which allows them to use their participating private health insurance to pay the gap only, which is the price of the treatment minus the amount that the health fund will reimburse.  For a list of HICAPS participating health funds click here.

What about Relaxation Massage and Massage Therapy ?

In industry terms, Massage Therapy is in the same class as Relaxation Massage and covers any style of massage including Sports/Deep Tissue Massage.  There are private health funds out there however which do cover Massage Therapy.  The easiest way to determine what you’re covered for is to speak with your health fund.  Here is a list of funds which allow claims on Massage Therapy:



How do I check which kind of Massage Therapy my Health Fund covers me for ?

Whilst we facilitate claims for both Massage Therapy and Remedial Massage, your policy will determine whether you can claim or not.  In the case that you are covered for massage, your health fund will also be able to tell you how many massages per year and what percentage of the price you can claim.


When in Doubt, ask for a Receipt

If you aren't sure about claims and haven’t yet checked with your health fund, please let us know prior to your appointment that you’d like a receipt. That way, we can have the correct paperwork ready for you to fill out before your arrival.

What if I Forget to Bring my Health Fund Card but Still Want to Claim ?

No problem ! We’ll issue a receipt which you can take to your health fund.  HICAPS instant claims are only possible if we can swipe your card however.  So avoid an extra trip to your health fund and ensure that you bring your private health fund card !

We hope you found this information helpful and look forward to seeing you on the massage table soon. 🙂


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