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Remedial Massage

Decrease Pain and Increase Mobility with Remedial Massage.

Does the idea of a Remedial Massage confuse you ?

Remedial Massage can help many conditions. However, sometimes it can get a bad wrap. This is probably due to the fact that many people don’t understand the practice and go in expecting something different.

What’s this Massage all about ?

A Remedial Massage Therapist will aim to take a holistic approach when it comes to treating an aching body. That means looking for clues and following a certain protocol. Remedial massage focuses on an assessment, treatment, re-assessment process. It’s the process that allows us to measure the results and achieve the best outcome for you.     BOOK NOW 

Health Funds, HICAPS and Remedial Massage

You can claim on massage with your private health insurance fund provided you are covered for the service.  Our lymphatic treatments are claimable under remedial massage.  We issue receipts and provide HICAPS electronic instant claims to eligible health fund members.  To find out more about how to make massage and private health insurance work for you, click here to see our guide

Filling out the Remedial Massage Intake Form

You’ll need to complete a confidential health history form before a Remedial Massage treatment. The information you provide is crucial to making a good plan, so be honest when filling out your form. We keep health history forms on record and they’re completely confidential. Your therapist will also ask questions about your condition and make any relevant notes.

The Local Examination

After the intake, it’s time for the local examination. Don’t be shy because you might be standing around in your underwear for this part. Remember, we are trained professionals and we see bodies all the time. Your therapist may want to observe, palpate, test or treat problem areas. This part is really important because we’re looking for clues.     BOOK NOW

The Initial Assessment

Your first assessment might take a little longer than usual. A Remedial Massage Therapist needs to be thorough in order to assess you well. They also need to record what they find. We’re required to do this whether you return for future treatments or not. Record keeping helps develop a treatment plan that’s right for you,  so a good start is essential.

Remedial Massage Contraindications

If you’re unsure about whether Remedial Massage is right for you then see a doctor first. It’s not the role of a massage therapist to diagnose illness, or prescribe medication. But it is their role to refer you onto a more suitable health professional if they feel they can’t treat you. This is called staying within your scope of practice.

Remedial Massage Treatment

Once your therapist has assessed you and made a plan, they can begin the treatment. Sessions are unique to each client. A Remedial Massage Therapist is trained to co-ordinate a range of techniques to target problem areas that are individual to you.  Sometimes they may even pause to re-assess or record information during your appointment. All these variables are a normal part of making sure you get the best from your treatment.     BOOK NOW 

To Conclude each Session

Your therapist will re-assess towards the end of each session. For future reference, any changes or results will then be recorded. Sticking to procedure helps keep your treatment plan on track and provide measurable results.    BOOK NOW


*It’s not the role of a massage therapist to diagnose illness, or prescribe medication.

*Assessments cannot be given over the phone and refunds do not apply should a client require referral.

*If you’ve only just been injured, or have any doubts about remedial massage being suitable for you, we recommend you first see a doctor.

*In order to provide a claimable health fund service, therapists must follow proper procedure without exception.

*If you don’t wish to be assessed, please let us know so we can suggest a suitable alternative to remedial massage.

*You may view our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about your personal or sensitive information.

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Remedial Massage