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We’re Waiving Cancellation Fees due to COVID-19


Have you been feeling a little “holed-up” lately due to COVID-19 ? Let’s face it – when we take a peep out from our burrows, the world looks a little different nowadays. What’s to love about the thought that we might catch something nasty if we want to go out ? Plus who can afford to go out when we’re told we’ll be spending the next few decades in the red ? The climate’s changing, world leaders are acting like big babies and suddenly toilet paper’s the most valuable thing on the planet ! There’s little to be chirpy about. Or is there ??

I say now’s the time to appreciate the little things … To indulge in some well overdue introspection … To be in the moment and notice those small miracles directly under our noses ! Take for example the new cancellation policy at massage.yeah. It’s called: There Isn’t One. You haven’t read wrong. Because we’ve decided to go with the flow, to take stock, to slow down, evolve and reach out ! Why cling to old business rhetoric when Australians everywhere are retreating into their dens – cold, alone, too scared to book a massage in case of cancellation fees due to COVID-19 ? Even as I write this article I can hear the silent cries of aching muscles, sore joints and overloaded lymphatics – and a voice inside responds “NO MORE !”

It’s time to take a deep breath, pluck up some courage and make the massage booking that you need for the sake of tired bodies everywhere. (Unless of course you’ve recently returned from a COVID hot-spot or you’ve got flu-like symptoms because in that case it’s time to get back in your hole and call the doctor.) Good things come to those who wait. :p

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