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Corporate Massage – AMA Nails the Perfect Re-Set for their Staff

A Sponge Bob Representation of the Mission

One of the beauties of social media is how inspiring people can pop up, re-connect and remind you of your mission.

Having met him briefly years ago, I’d recognised Michael as a kindred spirit.  A single dad, he owned a large chest freezer full of home-made meals which he kept well-stocked from regular cook-ups for his three growing boys.  I remember thinking “Now that level of caring, organisation and procurement is impressive !  Here’s a guy living in 3D.” Does this mean my vision was to always have a freezer full of food ? No ! This is just historical data !  

Fast forward some years and a message pops up from Michael asking me how my hands are and could I arrange some TLC for sixty five stressed-out staff members.  The team had been working hard running a rapidly growing automotive business plus 2020 had taken it’s toll on their brains, muscles and nerves.  There’d been some tensions and the culture needed a tweak. 

As I read Michael’s message I could feel tight shoulders, aching brains and sore backs.  It is the burden of my calling.  Now that restrictions had lifted, there was only one thing to do.  We bear fruit where we are gifted and it was time to go into damage control for Michael and his co-workers.   Corporate chair massage to the rescue !!

“Let’s do this right.”  Michael said.  “I’ll find a nice space and provide champagne on arrival for the staff.  Then you can take over from there.”  We’d have music, diffusers with essential oils, comfortable massage chairs for the staff to collapse into and the best and most experienced therapists around. 

The day arrived and we were ushered into the car parking spaces and squirrelled up the lifts like royalty.  Smiles were everywhere and the excitement was palpable.  Soon we were at work squeezing, kneading, rolling and jiggling away all the stress, tension and soreness whilst the staff relaxed and were carried to a happy place of transformation.  The look in the eyes of the treated was knowing, as they staggered off to find new joy and productivity in their jobs.  Mission accomplished. 

How lovely to hear at the end of the day that a number of staffers had initially said that they didn’t like massage, but were taken by the tide of highest bliss which had washed through the premises. This is the magic of massage. 

A huge thank you to the precious people at AMA for letting us help you relax.  Peace and blessings on you all and we hope to see you again soon. 😀

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