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A Shining Example of Inappropriate Compression for your Viewing Pleasure. You’re welcome.

Well it’s rate hike time again so regrettably we’re adjusting our prices to help pay the bills. We’ve been over-worked and under-paid for a while now – so in order to continue delivering our high standard of service, we’re gritting our teeth, ducking for cover and ‘doing the business’. The good news is that the price of lymphatic tape, compression garments and bandaging remains the same for now. Besides, we’ll always take the chance to make you smile, laugh and look on the bright side.

PS: Parking and hugs are still free – but as we’re still in pandemic, the latter is officially shelved. (Unless you’re in a space suit or full PPE.) Ahh well … at least we still have Will Ferrell’s bum in tight white jeans. Something for the gratitude journal ! 😀

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