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Due to increased cases of Long Covid, Short Covid, the flu that you’ve got when you’re not having Covid, we’re once again asking clients to don their masks whilst indoors.  Yes, it’s time to break out the mask collection and give it a dust-off – luckily just for indoors this time.  “But I’m getting old and grey as I wait for this crap to be over.” I hear you say.  Well, each day mortals get nearer to death anyway, so no need to blame that on a bunch of tiny germs.  Instead, we can relax, adapt and get on with living our lives.  Besides, none of us knows when our number is up so we might as well wear our masks HAPPILY.  In fact, let’s just be happy all the time!  Life can be short and humans are fragile.  How fragile?  Here’s an old fable to illustrate:

Masks are Back at massage.yeah

A salt doll walked along the sea for the first time.  The doll asked, “Who are you?”

The water replied “I am the ocean. Come in and find out.”

She walked into the waves and, just before dissolving, gasped,

“Ah, now I understand who I am.”

May you smile and laugh until the tide takes you my friends. Life is precious.😊   

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