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Stop What You’re Doing and Get a Massage

It’s time to get oily again so we’re bringing back a choice of massage styles to soothe frazzled nerves, re-connect and lift the mood !

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All your old favourites are back, including:

Massage is theorised to benefit a myriad of human conditions – many involved with mental health. Research evidence has been growing over the last twenty years on the beneficial effects of massage in areas such as anxiety, depression, pregnancy, veteran’s mental health, pain management and post-traumatic stress. Even post-covid symptoms are reported to be alleviated by manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).

During the pandemic, social isolation has meant an increase in withdrawal from social activities and a decline in psychological well-being. Talk to a hospital nurse and they’ll tell you the wards are full of people who aren’t doing well mentally, for a whole host of reasons.

Through clinical experience, massage therapists have long seen what the innate wisdom of massage therapy can do. Over the years, my own experience as a massage therapist has shown me that, across the entire repertoire of massage treatments, there’s a certain X-factor contained within touch itself which seems to help the most complex of multi-systemic problems, both on and off the massage table. Reasons for this can be very complicated for the touch receiver and really not necessary to understand – only that it works.

It is said that we only know around 10% of all there is to know about how the human body functions. This might explain why we don’t see more studies undertaken around exactly how massage heals. Yet so rarely will anyone emerge from a massage treatment without feeling much better. Ultimately then, it’s the results that count.

Let’s take the leap of faith and re-connect with our massage therapists to refresh, replenish and revive. During this time of recovery on so many levels, clients need massage and therapists need business!

Talk to us about which massage style would be a good fit for you.

Mental Health Help Lines:

* If you feel at risk of self-harm or harm of others, call an ambulance on: 000

*To speak with a councelor call Lifeline on: 13 11 14.

*Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800

*Women’s Help Line: 1800 811 811

*Men’s Help Line: 1800 600 636

*Domestic Violence Hotline: 1800 737 732

* Eating Disorder Support: 1800 334 673

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