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Relaxation Massage

Our Styles – Your Choice

Our Relaxation Massage Menu reads like a Connoisseur’s Delight.

Is traditional Western relaxation massage your thing ? Go for Swedish Massage. Are you suffering from chronic stress or anxiety ? Try gentle Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Do you love the idea of a flowing massage ? Let Polynesian Lomi Lomi wash over you like ocean waves. These popular massage styles and more are all included in our massage menu for your browsing pleasure.

Relaxation Massage 1:  Hot Stone Massage


For millennia, hot stones have been a source of value and comfort to man and woman kind.  Ancient Egypt, India and Japan all used their own brand of hot stone massage therapy to quell pain and manifest healing.
The penetrating heat of hot stone massage melts away muscular tension, boosts immunity and helps the body to cleanse.  Recipients of this ancient practice are  transported into a deep state of relaxation, thanks to the soothing properties of hot stones.  

** This treatment is currently unavailable.    

Relaxation Massage 2:  Swedish Massage


Originating in Sweden, this popular massage stimulates circulation, relaxes the muscles and has long been recognised across Europe for its benefits. Swedish massage can employ a variety of strokes including smooth strokes, thumb strokes & circles, hacking, cupping and pumelling as well as pinching, friction, squeezing and kneading. A full-body Swedish massage includes scalp and feet. Try one for a lift in mood, sore muscles or to relax the mind.

** This treatment is currently unavailable.    

Relaxation Massage 3:  Polynesian Lomi Lomi Massage


This mesmerising massage played an integral part in ancient Polynesian culture and is said to feel similar to water washing over the body. Lomi Lomi means “to knead or to squeeze and to make soft” and is traditionally done with coconut oil. The way of Lomi Lomi encompases a movement of pure love and grace, where the essence of “Mana” (life force energy) is transmitted through the heart and the hands. Even to observe a treatment is to receive it. This is the way of traditional Lomi Lomi in the old style.
*Please note: Lomi Lomi massage is performed with the client naked underneath a sarong. If you like relaxation massage but prefer to wear underwear beneath your draping, we suggest a Swedish massage would be more suitable.

** This treatment is currently unavailable.    

Relaxation Massage 4: Aromatherapy Massage


Invigorate your senses with the aroma of essential oils, whilst your therapist massages away your troubles with an indulgent relaxation massage using an oil blend of your choice. For centuries essential oils have been known to possess healing, grounding and therapeutic properties which help us to calm down, chill out and re-connect with our true nature.

** This treatment is currently unavailable.  

Relaxation Massage 5:  Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage is designed especially with the needs of expectant mothers in mind.  Massage during healthy pregnancy can help ease muscular tension and joint pain, increase range of motion, lower blood pressure, minimise varicose veins and stretch marks plus improve energy levels.  As pregnancy massage increases your sense of well-being, it's a great emotional stabilizer in the lead-up to birth.  Read our Pregnancy Massage Check-List here.

*Available as lymphatic drainage only. (Claimable on private health under remedial massage.)  

45 minutes $110.00 / Double sessions available     

Mobile Price:  $340.00 Gold Coast metro area.     BOOK NOW

Relaxation Massage 6:  Lymphatic Drainage Massage


This highly specialized technique is a safe, gentle, natural way to effectively speed the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body, reduce chronic pain, boost immunity and balance the nervous system. A course of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is ideal for pre and post surgery and can help many conditions where conventional massage should be avoided. Click here for more information.

*Available as relaxation or remedial massage.

45 minutes $110.00 / Double sessions available.

Mobile Price: $340.00 Gold Coast metro area.     BOOK NOW

Relaxation Massage